A fertilizer recipe is supposed to be the amount of nutrients a crop absorbs for the production of a kilogram of product.

Usually such results come from intensive research in research labs and universities.

Of course there are some producers that have their own estimates through years of trial and error tests.

As an example of a recipe we can mention here the nutrient needed for an olive tree to produce on kgr of olives.

  • 0.9 kgr N
  • 0.2 kgr P
  • 1 kgr K
  • 0.4 kgr Ca

According to the IFA World Fertilizer Use Manual 1992 the total nutrient uptake for a grape crop production of 1ton per acre is (in lbs/acre)

  • 6.8 for N
  • 2.8 for P2o%
  • 12 for K2O
  • 11.8 for Ca
  • 1.2 for Mg
  • 0.003 for B
  • 0.0052 for Cu
  • 0.004 for Mn
  • 0.009 for Zn
  • 0.02 for Fe

According to the manual, about 70% of the N and 60% of the P2O5 and K2O of the uptake goes to stems and leaves which is then re-incorporated in the soil so the net removal in the harvest is much smaller. Based on the above we end up with the following NPK uptake for the production of 1ton/acre:

  • 2.0(lbs/acre) N or 1kg/acre or 0.001kg for one 1kg of product from the area of one acre
  • 1.1(lbs/acre) P2O5 or 0.55kg/acre or 0.00055kg for one 1kg of product from the area of one acre
  • 4.8(lbs/acre) K2O or 2.4kg/acre or 0.0024kg for one 1kg of product from the area of one acre

To create a recipe the user will have to insert the various nutrient types through the relative menu. The idea behind the nutrient type management form is the same as the rest of the application. After the nutrient types insertion the user has to use the recipe form to create the recipe for a specific crop. Again the recipe management is done through the same concept (insert,edit,delete).

Note: the completion of the atomic weight field is not compulsory.