Προχωρημένες Λειτουργίες


To all users with existing application installations before 2011-01-27

As of 27-01-2011 please use the execute Sql option in the application to execute the following commands in the order mentioned here:

  1. create cached table nutrienttype (nutid integer generated by default as identity primary key , nutname varchar(100),aweight float,nutsymbol varchar(20),observations varchar(200),unique(nutname))
  2. create cached table frecipy (frid integer generated by default as identity primary key , cid integer, nutid integer ,quantity float,observations varchar(200),foreign key (cid) references cropType (cid) on delete cascade, foreign key (nutid) references nutrienttype (nutid) on delete cascade,unique(cid,nutid))

The above commands will change the database schema in order to enable the usage of the fertilizer recipy and nutrient depletion feature

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